Join us on August 10th, 12-1 PM CT 
for a complimentary webinar: 

Connecture's Data & Analytics team will unveil new insights from 5 years of surveys and usability research, highlighting 5 megatrends impacting the healthcare industry in 2017 and beyond. From individual to employer-sponsored coverage, to Medicare and wellness - our team of experts will break it all down and speculate on how these trends will shape the future of health insurance.

You will learn....

How the role of the healthcare consumer has shifted over the last 5 years

How technology has empowered consumers and shaped their expectations

How megatrends will impact engagement strategies for the next 5 years

Connecture (NASDAQ: CNXR) is a leading web-based consumer shopping, enrollment and retention platform for health insurance distribution. Connecture offers a personalized health insurance shopping experience that recommends the best fit insurance plan based on an individual's preferences, health status, preferred providers, medications and expected out-of-pocket costs.

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